Accessible Trips

Our accessible vacations are open to adventurers with disabilities, in partnership with and led by people with disabilities.

Multi-Day Accessible Trips


Welcome to the ultimate national park adventure travel trips, designed with accessibility in mind!


These incredible accessible journeys are open to people with disabilities and their companions and advocates for people with disabilities. Our accessible trips offer a unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of America’s most iconic national parks.

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Join us for an adaptive, multi-sport adventure in the heart of Yosemite!


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Join us for an adaptive, multi-sport adventure in Yellowstone & Grand Teton!


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Join us for an adaptive, multi-sport adventure in the Marvels of Moab!


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Accessible Trips

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Our Guides


Our expert guides and staff are experienced in accommodating travelers with a wide range of disabilities, ensuring that everyone can fully participate in all activities and experiences. We provide accessible transportation, accommodations, and equipment, as well as trained assistants and specialized guides.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your Trip Questions Answered!
What should I look for when booking a trip?

Good Trip Adventures offers group departures in a wide range of locations and with a variety of activity levels – diversity is the spice of life! It’s important to find the trip that fits your experience and expectations. Every trip page includes an intensity rating and a detailed itinerary. 

Be sure to review all of the information on a trip page before booking and reach out to hello@goodtripadventures for more information if you need it! We really, really, really love talking about our trips in case you didn’t realize that yet.

How hard will this trip be?

There are lots of factors that go into a trip’s final intensity rating. It’s like a perfectly balanced recipe of mileage, elevation change, and time spent doing a certain activity. Be sure to read the section titled “Intensity” on a trip page to get more insight into these factors. Learn more about our intensity scale here

If you’re unsure of which level is best for you or if you’d like advice on training for a trip, contact us at and we’ll savor the opportunity to geek out over some trail data.

Are there any age requirements?

They say age is just a number and we (mostly) agree! However, due to legal restrictions and group dynamic considerations, we do have a minimum age of 18 on our public group departures. But there’s no maximum!

If you have someone under 18 in your group, we can accommodate all ages on a private adventure, so let’s talk!

I’m a solo traveler, can I come?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Our trips are designed to foster group bonding and our guides are pros at making sure everyone feels welcomed. Any given trip is usually a healthy mix of solo travelers, friends, and couples. By the end of the adventure, we’ll all be besties.

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Not seeing the trip you’re looking for? We offer custom trips for groups of all sizes – fun always included. Whether you want to rough it in the backcountry or enjoy day trips while sleeping in comfortable hotels, we can plan the perfect adventure for your family, group, or team.