Arches National Park is continuing their Timed Entry Reservations for 2023..but you can avoid the hassle and uncertainty of getting an entry ticket when you book with a Good Trip Guide! 

The Arches Timed Entry System is in place to manage traffic, improve visitor experiences, and preserve the fragile desert landscape…but that means you now need a ticket in order to get into the park from April-October.

Timed-entry tickets are free, but there is a $2 processing fee. In addition, timed-entries are not available at the entry gate, they must be reserved in advance.

Arches Timed Entry System

About The Arches Timed Entry System

Arches National Park, a quaint 76,000 acres that has the largest density of natural formed arches in the world. This park sits nestled near Moab, Utah – just a quick 5 minute drive.

Over 1.5 million people visit this red-rock destination each year and that number keeps growing. Since 2020, Arches has seen an increase of visitors by 70%.

While this park is a must see, it’s smaller landscape often leaves visitors turned away once the daily quota is reached. When the parking lots of Arches fill, the gates close.

Not only would you be unable to find a place to park, but this desert landscape is extremely fragile. Not only is there erosion occuring, but the soil in and around Arches National Park is alive.

Cryptobiotic soil is everywhere in Southeast Utah. This soil helps prevent erosion, turns nitrogen into the kind that plants need, and stores water later on when plants need it.

One small step on this soil can kill it for 50 years, or even forever. So, the National Park Service does what it needs to in order to protect it, and that includes closing its gates.

Arches Timed Entry System

How To Bypass The Arches Timed Entry System

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