If you’ve ever had the chance to witness wildflowers in spring in California, you might have seen the Golden Poppy. During the spring, mountain sides, valleys, and hills of green get covered up with orange. A California Poppy is a beautiful bright orange blossom with a long green stem and fern like leaves. The petals are so delicate, and at night they roll up when they close! They blow in the wind every so gracefully. Recognized as the California state flower, and everything about them is truly magical. 

These flowers have strength in numbers, but are oh so fragile. Did you know there are ways to recreate responsibility around these gorgeous flowers, helping them last forever. That’s right, you TOO can help make a difference!

Stay on Trail: 

Getting a picture of one really nice wildflower off the trail will crush all the plants along the way and compact the soil, leaving lifeless bare dirt for the next few years or longer.

Do NOT pick the wildflowers:

These wild flowers are protected, especially in parks! Poppies wilt immediately after being picked, and they hold the seeds that are needed for the next year’s wildflowers.

Educate others:

Help spread the word, share what you’ve learned!

golden poppy taken at eye view
field of California golden poppies, hills appear orange
Travel with us, in search of California Wildflowers! Won’t you join us?