Columbia River Gorge
Day Tour & Hike

Meet your guide for a private tour & hike in the Columbia River Gorge


Trip Length

6-8 Hours



Group Size

Up to 10 Persons

Trip Dates

Custom Departures Available Year-Round


Park entry fee
Round trip transportation
Private, medically-trained, naturalist guide
Gourmet picnic lunch and refreshments

Not Included

Gratuity for your guide


(up to two)

+ $100 per person

Trip Info

Discover the Stunning Beauty of Columbia River Gorge

Join Good Trip Adventures for a private day tour and hike through the breathtaking landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge. Immerse yourself in the scenic wonders of this iconic natural corridor, where lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and panoramic vistas await. After your day on the trails, enjoy lunch in Hood River and make a stop at the historic Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood for some final breathtaking scenery.

Customized Itinerary for a Bespoke Experience

Begin your day with a tailored itinerary designed to cater to your preferences and interests. Whether you’re drawn to mesmerizing waterfalls, historic landmarks, or panoramic viewpoints, our private tour ensures a personalized adventure through the diverse landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge.

Expert Guidance Tailored to You

Your exclusive journey is guided by our knowledgeable experts, focusing solely on your group. Learn about the rich history, geological features, and diverse ecosystems that define the Columbia River Gorge. Enjoy a deeper connection with nature as you explore alongside a dedicated guide.

Stress-Free Transportation in Comfort

Sit back and relax in our private, comfortable transportation as we navigate the scenic routes of the Columbia River Gorge. Enjoy the journey without the hassle of logistics, allowing you to fully absorb the natural beauty that unfolds along the way.

Customized Hiking for Your Adventure Level

Tailor your hiking experience to match your fitness and adventure level. Whether you opt for an easy nature walk or a more challenging trail, every step is an opportunity to connect with the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge.

Gourmet Picnic in Nature’s Embrace

Take a pause and relish a gourmet picnic lunch surrounded by the natural wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. Our thoughtfully prepared culinary delights enhance the overall sensory experience, turning your meal into a moment of tranquility and appreciation.

Create Unforgettable Memories

Your private day tour and hike with Good Trip Adventures promise more than just a visit – it’s an immersive exploration of the Columbia River Gorge’s diverse beauty. Craft memories that linger as you absorb the serenity and majesty of this unique natural wonder.

Book Your Private Day Tour of Columbia River Gorge Today

Elevate your outdoor adventure with a private day tour designed to align with your preferences. Join Good Trip Adventures for an exclusive journey through the Columbia River Gorge, where every step is tailored to create a personalized and unforgettable experience. Book your private tour today and immerse yourself in the natural splendors of the Columbia River Gorge!

Columbia River Gorge Day Tour & Hike


(up to two)

+ $100 per person

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