For international travel, we partner with local operators that we trust and that we know operate responsibly. When we travel to popular destinations, we will always choose a lesser-known route, while still hitting all the highlights. We currently offset 50% of the carbon footprint of every flight and we encourage our guests to offset the rest. We operate all over the world, so if you don’t see a destination you’re interested in just ask. Come see the world with us in a better way!


From vast plains to staggering peaks, Peru has it all. Step into the country that holds the longest history of civilization in the world. Diverse cultural traditions are colorfully presented in the art, cuisine, literature, and music of this South American gem.


Within the shadows of one of the seven summits lies Tanzania. A vast country with many iconic sights, Tanzania holds three of Africa’s great lakes and the second highest uninterrupted waterfall in the continent. It’s no wonder Tanzania is a must-see.


Dive into all of the extraordinarily rich ecosystems this Caribbean country has to offer. Explore the cultural wonderland that is Belize all while adventuring vast coastline and stunning forests galore.


Ranking fourth in the world for biodiversity, Mexico shows off not only an array of natural wonders but holds the key to many stunning architectural structures and exciting urban culture. Join us for multi-sport adventures in Baja California Sur and explore miles of stunning coastline, desert canyons, and more!


Beyond delicious gelato and sweet music-filled streets, Italy has many unique experiences to offer. From ancient cities to small country towns, Italy offers adventures that you will never forget.