At Good Trip Adventures, we are deeply invested in protecting the natural world. For us, that means volunteering our time and resources to a wide range of initiatives.  

We regularly participate in Adventure Scientists’ Wildlife Connectivity Project, which brings together ecology researchers and transportation policymakers to study how roads affect natural landscapes and improve transportation systems based on the findings. The goal is to reduce vehicle-caused animal deaths and improve migration corridors.  

According to Adventure Scientists’ website, “more than 365 million animals are killed, 29,000 humans injured, and $8.4 billion in damages incurred every year in the United States alone as a result of wildlife-vehicle collisions.” Adventure Scientists recruits volunteers who commit to cycling 50-mile stretches of road in Montana while recording wild animal sightings and roadkill. Volunteers gather information about wildlife travel patterns and this information will be used by the Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to make decisions about possible accommodations to reduce wildlife-vehicle conflicts and transportation-related barriers to wildlife movement.

Recently, members of Good Trip’s staff completed their spring ride. This time, they selected a stretch of road along the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana. They encountered many animals, both dead and alive, and spent the weekend recording and sending their results to Adventure Scientists.

We hope that this project will help protect the animals that call Montana home, as well as Montanans, and visitors to our beautiful state!

Learn more about Adventure Scientists’ work here

Traveling with Good Trip Adventures supports social and environmental justice projects. You can learn more about upcoming trips on our website