Say Goodbye to Carbon Emissions!

It’s that time of the month again! Time for us at Good Trip Adventures to tally up the carbon emissions from one month of trips and partner with Gold Standard to support projects that reduce carbon emissions. This month: access to clean water in Laos.

Most Laotians need to boil water in order to drink it safely, but even with such precautions, preventable illnesses from contaminated water remains a leading cause of death for children under 5. Terraclear is an organization that is helping provide access to ceramic water filters to over 150,000 people in over 500 villages in Laos.   

“The filters do more than just fend off thirst and illness. Without the need for boiling water, families are able to buy or collect less wood and fossil fuels, reducing smoke in the kitchen, and protecting Laos’ beautiful forests from further deforestation.” 😊 We love to see it!

As the strangest holiday season we’ve ever known begins, we’re trying to find different ways to be conscious of our carbon footprint in addition to offsetting emissions. One of our guides brought up some great ideas: “I’m going to try to buy local and from black-owned businesses, reuse envelopes and boxes that I’ve received if I need to ship gifts (or just not wrap things at all!), ride my bike to deliver cookie boxes and make it a fun socially distanced event, think about making donations in friends and families names, or organize trips/outings to do instead of material gifts”. Oh heyyyy, we know of a great outdoor company to consider if so 😉 🙋

Let us know how you’re reducing your impact this holiday season!