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We’re blushing from ear to ear – Good Trip Adventures was mentioned last week in an article by Sebastian Modak. 

Though the article addressed the difficulties tour guides have had over the past year, our Chief Adventure Officer, Megan Kennedy, was able to focus on the excitement of finding new ways to safely operate trips in a pandemic.  

“Kennedy told me a number of factors came together to make her—and her clients—feel at ease. Now, only people who travel together can share rooms or tents, whereas people looking to avoid the single-room supplement could previously buddy up. Guides undergo regular temperature and symptom checks. Hand sanitizer flows freely. 

Many of the skills that trekking guides learned before the pandemic come in handy, too: knowing how to call a medical evacuation for a broken leg makes it easier to do the same if someone starts showing symptoms of COVID-19; being able to keep a group calm under stress comes in handy when people complain about stringent mask-wearing rules, or otherwise prove less than amenable to new regulations. “The most important thing to do as a guide is to front-load clients with information and try to prevent injury or illness from happening in the first place,” Kennedy says.”

It’s true! We’re working incredibly hard to make sure our COVID-19 policy is up to date so that you can join our trips safely and securely. 

We have a long road ahead of us, but we’re so happy to be on that road! Thank you all for being a part of it 🙂 

5 people hiking on a mountain ridge where there is beautiful green grass and slightly overcast skies
two people backpacking in the snow, climbing up a mountain helping one another. The and rocks are covered in fresh white fluffy snow

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