At Good Trip Adventures, we’re constantly thinking about the natural land on which our trips take place and how to keep them safe for years to come. Public lands are some of our nation’s greatest gifts — from epic glaciers, soaring geysers, and wandering bison, to crystal clear alpine lands, and monumental red rocks in the desert, America’s natural world is full of wonders. And yet, the future of these lands is currently at stake with massive consequences if left unprotected.

In the last four years, the leasing on U.S. public lands for natural resource extraction for private interests has released more greenhouse gases each year than all 27 member countries of the European Union and the UK combined. With National Monuments being unprecedentedly reduced, and the protections of other public lands being removed for global consumerism, what the U.S.’s natural world will look like is being dramatically altered. The abuse of America’s public lands can have a negative effect on climate change.  However, if harnessed for good, public lands can have an extremely positive impact on mitigating the influence of climate change.  Not to mention the millions of jobs each year supported by the outdoor recreation economy (ahem, us!).

And what else is there to do exactly? Use your VOICE. There’s a big election coming up in the next month. Whatever your personal interests may be, we hope that you consider your love for the natural world in your decision to get to the polls. We need to elect leaders that will fight for our climate, protect our public lands, and ensure there’s a healthy planet out there for future generations.

Not registered yet or have any questions about how to get to the polls safely this November? Head on over to When We All Vote, Rock the Vote, or I Will Vote and get to it! Want to help even more? If you’re able, volunteer to be a poll worker in your local district.

We all want to be able to recreate safely for decades to come in our great land.  Make sure your voice is heard this November.