Redwood Day Tours & Hikes

Go beyond the guide books and experience the parks through expert eyes. Book a day trip with a world class guide to show the best the parks have to offer to you, your family, or your small group. With your own dedicated guide, your trip can be catered to your exact interests and needs. After all, we’re all about creating good trips for every human.

From $1255 per group

Spend a full day wandering through groves of the tallest trees on earth.

We offer public and private tours all across the country. These amazing trips are on the ancestral native lands of these tribes:

Native Lands: Coast Miwok, Graton Rancheria, Kashaya, Southern Pomo, Central Pomo, Norther Pomo, Coast Yuki, Cahto, Sinkyone, Mattole, Wiyot, Chilula, Yurok, Tolowa Dee-ni’, Chit-dee-ni (Chetco), Tututni

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Not seeing the trip you’re looking for? We offer custom trips for groups of all sizes – fun always included. Whether you want to rough it in the backcountry or enjoy day trips while sleeping in comfortable hotels, we can plan the perfect adventure for your family, group, or team.

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