Our goal at Good Trip Adventures is to become a member of 1% for the Planet, require volunteer work from our staff, offset carbon emissions, minimize single-use plastics, and do travel in a “Good” way. 

And how do we offset carbon emissions?  We use the Gold Standard, which is the …. gold standard in offsets. We’ve done our research and are extremely careful of who we partner with to offset because there have been many offset programs (especially tree planting) that have shown to be ineffective over time. The projects we partner with actually fund sustainable energy around the world with verified benefits to local communities and ecosystems.  

In order to figure out how much carbon emissions our trips emit each month, we use a simple online calculator — you can plug in where guests are coming from and going and it will tell you how many tons of carbons were emitted on your journey.  

Right now, we only offset 50% of the carbon emissions of trips. Our goal is to offset 100% (or more!) of every trip by 2022. In the meantime, we encourage guests to offset the rest themselves! 

Each month, we choose a project to offset our emissions to. We rotate between human-based projects, forest-based projects (like tree planting), and sustainable energy-based projects. For July, we chose a project for safe water access in Rwanda and offset 18 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We also recognize that offsetting should happen after cutting down emissions within a company.  Offsetting isn’t just a free pass to emit as much carbon as you want and then pay it off!

Oh! What’s that?  What are some other incredible ways to cut down on carbon emissions you ask? Helping developing countries to work on policies that shift the economy away from carbon-emitting industries, providing clean water, and empowering women worldwide all have a massive impact on fighting climate change.  It’s a combination of little things that we can all do at home and sweeping cultural shifts globally that will really make things better. More on this in newsletters to come! 

Have more questions about our sustainability goals? We’re here to chat about them *whenever*. Reach out to our team today and feel good about your upcoming adventures!