Why you should travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Jackson Hole – originally called “Jackson’s Hole” for the mountain man and fur trapper David Jackson – is a one of a kind place for travel. It’s the perfect place for any adventure and whether you’re a solo traveler or vacationing with your family, Jackson Hole may just be calling your name. Camp under the stars or  stay in one of the many resorts while you spend your days floating down the Snake River, attending a historic rodeo, trail riding on horseback, or enjoying a meal at one of the delicious restaurants. Or better yet, hike & sight-see the two nearby national parks!

  • Grand Teton National Park, is of the youngest mountain ranges with some of the oldest rock. Originally considered an extension of Yellowstone and wasn’t established as its own park until 57 years later. Know for its prominent peaks, historic homesteads, beautiful pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife.
  • Yellowstone National Park, was established as the first National Park in the world in 1872. Over 2.2 million acres of protected land extending into three states (Wyoming, Idaho, Montana) comprise this park. An active super volcano makes this place one of the most dense areas with geothermal features, including one of the tallest geysers. A great place for wildlife sightings which can include: Bison, Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Mountain Goats, Big Horned Sheep, Elk & more!
moose standing in dried grasses with mountain peaks in the background
Mormon row barn sits in front of grand tetons at sunset
Jackson Hole is sure to leave you in awe. Looking for an adventure sooner than Summer of 2022? There’s not just one, not just two, but three ski resorts! As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!