Trip Intensity

Which Trip is Right for You?

At Good Trip, we understand that every traveler seeks a unique level of intensity for their outdoor experiences!

Our Trip Intensity Scale is designed to help you find the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement. Whether you’re a laid-back wanderer or a thrill-seeking adventurer, we offer a range of trips categorized by intensity levels. Explore our itineraries to find the adventure that matches your desired level of challenge and discover the wonders of the great outdoors with Good Trip Adventures. Your journey, your intensity, our expertise!

Level 1

For Whom: Perfect for anyone new to the activity.
Physical Intensity Level: Suitable for most fitness levels.
Terrain Difficulty: Gentle and well-maintained trails, minimal elevation changes.
Distances: Expect gentle walking for up to 5 hours per day, up to 5 miles.

Level 2

For Whom: Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.
Physical Intensity Level: Requires a basic fitness level; intermittent periods of activity.
Terrain Difficulty: Generally easy trails, some uneven surfaces, and minor elevation changes.
Distances: Expect moderate walking for up to 5 hours per day, up to 6 miles.

Level 3

For Whom: Ideal for moderately experienced participants.
Physical Intensity Level: Requires a moderate fitness level; steady activity throughout.
Terrain Difficulty: Varied terrain with moderate inclines, uneven surfaces, and potential obstacles.
Distances: Expect brisk hiking for up to 7 hours per day, up to 9 miles.

Level 4

For Whom: Suited for experienced adventurers seeking a challenge.
Physical Intensity Level: Requires a high fitness level; continuous and strenuous activity.
Terrain Difficulty: Demanding trails with steep inclines, rough terrain, and challenging obstacles.
Distances: Expect strenuous hiking for up to 8 hours per day, up to 10 miles.

Level 5

For Whom: Only for highly experienced and physically fit individuals.
Physical Intensity Level: Demanding and intense physical activity.
Terrain Difficulty: Very challenging trails with steep ascents, rugged terrain, and potentially hazardous conditions.
Distances: Expect challenging hiking for up to 10 hours per day, up to 15 miles.

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