You are the hands-on, on-the-ground contact with clients of all types! You will be leading tours in our National Parks and be responsible for picking up, driving, guiding, teaching, and interacting with our guests!

We are looking for guides across the Continental US

This is mostly part-time depending on location of guide, but this can change as the season progresses and more trips are booked.



  • Before your trip, you will be responsible for contacting your clients to inform them of weather conditions, find out any dietary restrictions (if we don’t already know them!), explore their interests, make sure they bring reusable water bottles, and give them all the other important info they need to know to prep for their tour!

  • You will pick up the rental vehicle and equipment, and stock the car with gear we provide including things like binoculars, field guides, hand sanitizer, table cloths, water cooler, food cooler, gloves, cutlery, and wipes!

  • You will shop for snacks and lunch items for the trip!


  • On the day your trip runs, you will meet the clients at a predetermined location and time (normally at their hotel or a trailhead)

  • You will fulfill the itinerary for the day, be it a guided hike, car-based wildlife tour, or a combination! You will show off your experience of the area, your knowledge of the flora, fauna, and park history, and stop for a picnic lunch along the way.

  • You will then bring your group back to their hotel or car and drive yourself home.


  • After the trip, you will head home, clean the dishes used that day, pack up the gear, and return it to the Regional Lead Guide or storage unit in the area!

  • You will then return the van to the rental agency.

  • Finally, finish off your trip with a Trip Recap telling us all about what you did and saw on your tour!

This position is flexible and requires a unique knowledge of the National Parks you are working in! We give guides a lot of autonomy to alter the itinerary based on client interests and ability level as we may not know these beforehand!

Who you are:

We want to hire someone hard-working and excited to make this position their own! We want a guide who is passionate about the outdoors, wants to learn new skills, and has an eye for detail! We require our guides to be WFR trained* and hope they are continually educating themselves as they grow in their field.

We want to provide opportunities for people excited about this position. If you are new to the field, want to break into the industry and learn as you go, don’t hesitate to apply!

*if getting a WFR certification is a barrier for you, please reach out to us!


  • Guide Day-Rate/day + tips

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Guide Bonuses

  • Education Credits

Growth Opportunities:

We are a quickly growing company and want to help our guides grow in their field! As you guide with us, there is potential for raises, outdoor education assistance, posting your own trips on our site, and more! Let’s get awesomer together!

We are a company that strives to engage with diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. We welcome BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ guides, as well as guides with disabilities. If there are any barriers to stop you from applying, please reach out to us at!

To Apply: Email with a resume and the answers to these questions:

1. What National Park experience do you have (personal or professional)? What other kinds of guiding experience do you have?

2. We work with guides who promote and align with our values of equity, diversity, and inclusion for historically marginalized people in the outdoors. What is your stance on these values?

3. What most excited you about the outdoors? What most excited you about guiding?

4. Where are you located? Will you be moving or traveling for a significant amount of time in the near future?

5. Do you have a Wilderness First Responder certification? If not, are you willing to get one?

6. Are you vaccinated? If not, are you will to get vaccinated?