Land Acknowledgment

The history of the United States begins with the original stewards of these lands and watersheds: the Indigenous Nations and their descendants. Good Trip Adventures acknowledges that our trips take place in the ancestral homelands of Native American peoples. Furthermore, we acknowledge that there are more than 500 Native American tribes in the US today.

We have a responsibility to examine our relationship to the land where we work and to the local Indigenous communities whose traditions and identities originated in these places. We acknowledge that our histories in these places led to disease, displacement, violence, migration, and loss of tenured land for Indigenous People.

Most importantly, we recognize that Indigenous people are both at the forefront of the fight against climate change and are among those who will be most affected by it. Supporting their efforts means supporting the planet.

This acknowledgment honors the native relationship with the land we share and is a call towards further learning and action. We do not speak for native populations, and we recognize allyship must be more than words. This acknowledgment is not in place of actionable support for and connection with local Indigenous communities.

We aim to support Indigenous-led organizations because we believe they are best suited to determine their own needs. We encourage you to make a donation to support these organizations with every trip purchased. 100% of your donation will go directly to a local Indigenous organization.