Wilderness Medicine Certifications

Learn the essentials of wilderness medicine and put your skills to practice.


Class Dates

Wilderness First Responder Remote Recertification

March 9 & 10, 2024


Wilderness First Aid Remote Certification

March 9, 2024


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Course Info

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certifications are designed for individuals who spend significant amounts of time in remote, outdoor environments.

This certification equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency medical care in situations where traditional medical assistance may not be readily available. This course, administered through Base Medical, covers a range of topics, including patient assessment, basic life support, wound care, splinting, patient packaging, evacuation, and improvising with limited resources.

In addition to technical skills, this course also emphasizes decision-making and leadership in high-stress situations. Upon completion of the course, individuals receive a WFR or WFA certification, which is valid for three years and can be renewed through additional training and coursework.

Students will be expected to complete the online course content in advance. 

The WFR Recertification is open to participants who have a current WFR certification. If you’re unsure if your certification is eligible for renewal, please email us to inquire.

Day 1 will cover the WFA material and essentials of patient assessment. Day 2 will cover the additional WFR material. Folks completing their WFA certification will only need to attend March 9th. WFR Recertification students will need to attend both days.

Each course day will run from 9AM – 5PM MT.

Participants will need an in person volunteer for a portion of each day (exact hours will be sent in advance, but are typically between about 12-3 PM MT). This volunteer will serve as their patient for assessment practice and scenarios.

This is an inclusive course. Safety of all students – especially queer students, and students of color – will be prioritized.

If you have any mobility or accessibility requests, please be sure to notify us in advance so we can make any adaptations.

*This course does NOT include a CPR certification component*